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Missing Out

Only a couple of weeks left of summer…what?

I’m in that awkward stage of trying to finish the summer well while also preparing for the kids to start the Fall semester and me to slip back (or rather: force myself back) into a routine. It’s like trying to switch into neutral and first gear simultaneously.

My writing has been pushed to the back burner for the past month at least. I wave at my writing goals sometimes…they look lonely. I haven’t produced much, but my mind has been super busy thinking up things to write. I’ll sit down and write all those ideas…soon.

But in the meantime…

I was honored to post as a guest on Jennifer Slattery‘s blog in June. And on August 1, I’ve invited Jennifer over to my blog so you’ll get to “meet” her in two weeks.

In case you missed it, follow this link to the post I wrote on Jennifer’s blog…called “Missing Out“…

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