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For Good Friday, an excerpt from “Cottage in the Kampung” written around Easter a few years ago…

Last night it was time for bed.  It was past time for bed really.  I was tired and ready to sleep.  But I was restless too.  I couldn’t put my finger on it at first: on why I felt so restless.  But as we flipped off the light and my head hit the pillow, I got it.  I had tried all day to finish.  I had tried to finish printing out two different projects that needed to be printed.  The ink cartridge wouldn’t work, the paper fed crooked, the paper size was all wrong.  We’ve been trying to finish some house repairs which has felt like running in waist-high mud.  The insanely yellow guest bathroom, the master bathroom is in shambles (literally), the guest room is still not ready for guests who will be arriving soon.  I am behind on my Bible reading goal, I tried hard to catch up yesterday, but fell short.  And those are just to name a few of the projects that just aren’t getting finished.  I even considered staying up super late last night to finish the novel I’m reading, just to say I’d finished something!

We like to finish things don’t we?  Well, I know I do.  Starting projects can be fun and exciting.  But I really like to finish stuff too!  I like it when a job is well done and I can sit back and be glad that I worked hard and that I have something to show for it.  I love checking things off of “To Do” lists.

I look up the word “finished” and “complete” in the Bible and just reading all those verses is satisfying!  Try it! Do a search and read them over.  Either you’ll feel good that so much was “accomplished” or you’ll just think I’m a little more quirky than you originally thought!  But anyway, here are just a few:  God finished creating the World and rested (Genesis 2:2.) Solomon finished building the temple for the Lord (1 Kings 9:25) and when Jesus was finished teaching, the crowds were amazed (Matt:7:28.)

Yesterday, I just couldn’t seem to finish anything at all.  I had to give up the day with not very much accomplished.  I prayed and told God I was handing Him all my unfinished STUFF.  And as I lay with my eyes closed, trying to find sleep, I remembered the words uttered by Jesus Himself, “It is finished.”  He said that on the cross.  He finished His work on earth…for you…for me!  This week we celebrate Easter: Jesus has victory over death!  If I never finish another project, Christ has finished His work of redemption and that is what really matters.  The peace that came with that thought brought rest to my heart and sleep to my body.

And today, the sun showed, the coffee perked, the birds sang, and I had the energy to get up and try again!  And today, I noticed yellow showing through the cream paint in the bathroom, the printer still doesn’t work, the repairman didn’t show up and I didn’t finish my novel.  But I worshiped with my family and other believers, I spent time in the Word, and got a little farther on several projects, and I am just a little closer.

And then I remembered Colossians 2:10 “We are complete in Him.”  Thank you Lord.  In You, I am complete!

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